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Orlane Paris
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All Skin Types
Mature Skin
Dry and Very Dry Skin
Skin: Purete

Whitening Program:
Soin De Blanc

Young, Dry, or
Sensitive Skin

Body Care
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Orlane All Skin Types

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A067 Anti- Fatigue Absolute Cream PolyActive 50 mL$136.40
A078 Vivifying Cleansing Care250 mL$47.52
A068Absolute Skin Recovery Serum30 mL$142.56
A264Anagenese 25+ Morning Recovery Concentrate15 mL$83.60
A063Anti-fatigue Absolute Radiance Cream50 mL$174.24
A064Anti-Fatigue Recovery Care Eye Contour15 mL$92.40
A076B21 Absolute Youth Concentrate7 vials$303.60
A066B21 Anti-Fatigue Recovery Mask75 mL$72.16
A053B21 Extraordinaire Absolute Youth Cream50 mL$200.64
A061B21 Extraordinaire Absolute Youth Eye15 mL$145.20
A059B21 Extraordinaire Youth Reset30 mL$200.64
A081B21 Gentle Face Scrub75 mL$46.64
A105Gentle Cleansing Foam200 mL$57.20
A055Lotion Extraordinaire Precious Treatment Lotion130 mL$114.40
A056Super Moisturizing Serum30 mL$140.80
A057Super-Moisturizing Light Cream50 mL$105.60
A080Vivifying Lotion250 mL$47.52

Orlane Mature Skin

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A038Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Cream50 mL$200.64
A047Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Eye Contour15 mL$105.60
A043Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Serum30 mL$224.40
A041Extreme Line Reducing Re-Plumping Cream50 mL$200.64
A040Extreme Line-Reducing Eye Contour Care15 mL$92.40
A039Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care15 mL$70.40
A034Firming Serum Neck & Decollete50mL$80.96
A031Radiance Lift Firming Eye Contour15 mL$132.00
A058Thermal Active Firming Serum30 mL$200.64
A037Thermo Lift Firming Care50 mL$168.96
A045Thermo Lift Firming Night Care50 mL$174.24

Orlane Dry and Very Dry Skin

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A016B21 Bio-Mimic Hydrating Masque75 mL$77.44
A008Super Moisturizing Concentrate50 mL$103.84

Orlane Combination/Oily Skin: Purete

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A152Purete Astringent Purifying Lotion250 mL$48.40
A156Purete Balancing Mask75 mL$51.04
A154Purete Hydro-Matifying Care50 mL$81.84
A150Purete Purifying Balancing Gel200 mL$48.40

Orlane Whitening Program – Soin de Blanc

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A137Whitening Cream50mL$147.84
A133Whitening Lotion200 mL$83.60
A135Whitening Serum30 mL$165.44

Orlane Young/Dry/Sensitive Skin - Oligo Vit-A-Min

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A112Oligo Vitamin Gentle Soothing Cream50 mL$74.80
A110Oligo Vitamin Light Smoothing Cream50 mL$72.16
A106Oligo Vitamin Vitalizing Cleanser250 mL$38.72
A108Oligo Vitamin Vitalizing Lotion250 mL$38.72
A107Vitality Radiance Antioxidant Cream50 mL$74.80
A109Vitality Radiance Mask75 mL$46.64
A103Vitality Radiance Micellar Cleansing Water250 mL$36.96

Orlane Body Care

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A188Eau d'Orlane100 mL$67.76
A190Eau d'Orlane50 mL$49.28
A084Firming Concentrate Body and Bust250 mL$70.40
A174Refining Arm Cream200 mL$96.80

Orlane Specials

Item #Product NameSizePrice
A050B21 Extraordinaire Youth Reset 50 mL$237.60
SA80Orlane Super Moisturizing Concentrate Promo50 mL$72.16
SA60Thermo Lift Firming Care and Night Care Special2 products$256.08


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