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Yonka Paris
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Dry Skin
Eyes, Lips, and
Lightening Care

Mature Skin
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Yonka All Skin Types

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F031Eau Micellaire200 mL$46.64
F022Gommage50 mL$51.92
F021Guarana Scrub50 mL$51.92
F105Hydra No. 1 Masque50 mL$72.16
F002Lait Nettoyant200 mL$46.64
F102Nutri +15 mL$68.64

Yonka Normal to Oily Skin Types

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F112Creme 1550 mL$61.60
F050Creme 9350 mL$63.36
F048Creme Pamplemousse - Normal to Oily Skin50 mL$66.88
F052Creme PG50 mL$63.36
F114Emulsion Pure50 mL$70.40
F004Gel Nettoyant200 mL$42.24
F111Hydra No. 1 Fluide Normal to Oily Skin50 mL$84.48
F110Juvenil15 mL$61.60
F010Lotion - Normal to Oily Skin200 mL$56.32
F024Masque 103 - Normal to Oily Skin100 mL$51.04
F086Phyto 58 - Normal to Oily Skin40 mL$73.92
F045Vital Defense50 mL$79.20

Yonka Sensitive, Normal to Dry Skin Types

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F042Creme 2850 mL$65.12
F046Creme Pamplemousse - Dry Skin50 mL$66.88
F040Creme Sensibles50 mL$75.68
F043Hydra +15 mL$68.64
F115Hydra No. 1 Serum30 mL$93.28
F113Hydra No.1 Cream50mL$84.48
F012Lotion - Dry Skin toner200 mL$56.32
F026Masque 105 - Dry or Sensitive Skin100 mL$51.04
F006Nettoyant Creme100 mL$42.24
F076Nutri Defense50 mL$79.20
F084Phyto 58 - Dry Skin40 mL$73.92
F116Sensitive Masque50 mL$68.64

Yonka Eyes, Lips, and Lightening Care

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F030Alpha Contour15 mL$66.00
F034Nutri Contour15 mL$66.00
F032Phyto Contour15 mL$70.40

Yonka Mature Skin

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F063Advanced Optimizer Creme40 mL$110.00
F069Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift50 mL$110.00
F065Advanced Optimizer Serum30 mL$110.00
F070Age Exception Cellular Code Serum30 mL$158.40
F072Age Exception Excellence Code Creme50 mL$211.20
F074Age Exception Excellence Code Masque50 mL$95.04
F080Alpha-Peel30 mL$86.24
F060Elastine Jour50 mL$92.40
F088Elastine Nuit50 mL$92.40
F061Elixir Vital 30 mL$114.40
F073Excellence Code Contours Eyes-Lips15 mL$114.40
F082Phyto 5240 mL$92.40
F087Time Resist Creme Jour50 mL$136.40
F089Time Resist Creme Nuit50 mL$136.40

Yonka Men Skincare

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F210Anti-Age Age-Defense40 mL$61.60
F204Creme A Barbe Barber Shave100 mL$26.40
F200Gel Mousse Foam Gel100 mL$31.68
F212Gel Yeux Under Eye Gel15 mL$44.00
F206Lotion YK After Shave150 mL$36.96
F208Nutri Creme Nutri-Moist40 mL$48.40
F202Scrub Mousse Foam Scrub50 mL$29.92

Yonka Body Care

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F138Gommage Doux200 mL$49.28
F130Huile Detox100 mL$56.32
F132Lait Hydratant200 mL$51.04
F144Phyto 152125 mL$63.36
F134Phyto-Bain100 mL$51.04

Yonka Solar Defense

Item #Product NameSizePrice
F160Lait Apres Soliel150 mL$44.00
F152Lait Auto-Bronzant150 mL$47.52
F128Prolongateur de Bronzage150 mL$61.60

Yonka Specials

Item #Product NameSizePrice


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